A strange sense of responsibility!

When I started writing my blog I wondered whether my lecturer would worry too much about how many people had viewed my blog……

Would I get marked down for having only my very loving family and friends look at it once because I had posted something on Facebook about starting a blog and they clicked on the link?

However the most starling thing happened to me last night. Within 30 minutes of posting my first post someone had liked it? And that someone had nothing to do with me?!?!

My Startling Revelation!

Throughout the evening my phone kept going off with new e-mail alerts telling me that someone else liked my post, or that Opinionated Man had even commented on my post!!!!?!?! (Thank you by the way!) I was flabbergasted! People were reading my blog and reading it to a point of having an opinion on it! With this stream of e-mails came a startling revelation, and with it a strange sense of responsibility.


What I write must mean something!


I mean there are people out there in cyberspace reading what I have to say. They are using up 2-3 minutes of their lives to actually read what I am writing. That is time that they can’t get back to do something else. Hence where my sense of responsibility came from. A need to make sure that what I write is worth someone reading. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think I am ever going to be the person who would write something that people quote for centuries to come! However that doesn’t remove the responsibility that I feel to ensure that someone doesn’t completely waste their time!

This feeling is completely new to me. As I mentioned in my previous post I have been a facebookee for a few years, so I am used to typing something that other people read. But as I also mentioned my friends list is extremely restricted and is only being seen by people of my choosing because I chose them as “friends” on that Social Media Network. However on here, this is open to anyone! 

Who would read my posts?

My sense of “who would read my blog” came I think from one of the readings I did for this paper in which they say that there was over 70 million blogs on Word Press by the end of 2011. We are now in 2013…. so how many more million will there be now?!?!? Why would anyone choose to read my one… especially as it is for a university assignment.. and not about some controversial topic!

However I am happy to say that I am stoked and pleased that people have decided to read my posts and even comment on it. Although as mentioned above I don’t think that I will write anything earth shattering, I do thank you for the time that you have spent reading this, and will try to make sure that what I write has at least some meaning! 


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