About Me!

So this is the point where I tell you about myself!

Well to start with…………………………..

I have a very busy life as a wife to my very patient husband and mother to my two beautiful primary aged children.

But if that wasn’t enough of a busy life (which believe me it is!)…………………..

I also work full time as an Accountant and Sales Manager for a fashion wholesaler and manufacturer. The Accountant bit kept me VERY busy, but as I am a sucker to punishment I made a comment one day to my boss about getting rid of extra stock and got told “go to it, make it happen!” and so I also became a Sales Manager/Director of my own little internet based branch of the company.

I grew this to a point of having my own assistant, however this year things seem to have slowed down and I am seriously hoping that this paper that I am writing this blog for as an assignment (Social Media Networks for Business – Massey University) will help me figure out what I can do to build our client base and grow it even further!

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope that I can provide an interesting and thought provoking insight into my thoughts on social media for businesses!

Now I know fishing has nothing to do with what I am writing about, but I have to say the worm on a hook made me giggle! I hope it makes you giggle too!


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